I did it

I withdrew Thing1 from school today.  I am not really sure where we go from here.  I am going to call the school district to see if he can be tested.  And, I am going to begin teaching him at home.  Once I find a curriculum…  Have you ever looked for homeschool curriculum?  There are about a million.  There is a woman on post who said she has a box of resources for preschool that I can have!  So, I am hoping there is stuff in there to point me toward a curriculum.

Want to know how Thing1 took the news?  Here was the conversation:

Me: “Thing1, you do not have to go to school anymore.  We are going to do Mommy school at home now.”

Thing1: “How about we paint all of the walls and hang up letters?” in a giddy, excited voice!

I think he is looking forward to it!


One thought on “I did it

  1. Wow, big decision! I know there are folks who follow a variety of curriculums–a piece here and a piece there. Look for a home school consortium in your area, where teh families get together to do social and learning activities regularly, and I’ll bet they could also give you great advice about what works in their own families. Best of luck!

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