Thursday Thoughts: Decisions

Joining up with Wifey of a Sailor again this week for Thursday Thoughts.

Life is full of decisions. From the moment you wake up: what to have for breakfast, what to wear, which chore to do first, etc. Then there are the big decisions in life: who to marry, when to have a child, should you switch jobs.

Our family has made many decisions over the past few months that will have lasting impacts on us. I made the decision to pursue the transplant evaluation then to list Thing1 for a transplant. As a result of that decision, my husband was brought home from his deployment early.

We made the decision to send our boys to different schools this year. Thing1 will be at the same school with the nursing staff. Thing2 is going to our neighborhood school. They just started full day kindergarten this year and we decided that is the best place for him to be, academically. It makes things harder for me because I have to put one child on the bus, then drive the other every day.

Two weeks ago, I was given notice by the family I have been caring for. They were moving and found a center a block from their new home where both kids could go. It is a great move for them! I opened my home back up to new kids. Unfortunately, I have not found any. I am being very up front about Cameron and his health status. As a result, the parents are choosing to go with other providers. So, we have decided that later this month, I will be closing my in home daycare. I am scared that we won’t be able to make ends meet, but I cannot lie to the parents. Cameron’s transplant is too important for me to hide it. We are also in the process of adding more therapies. Four days a week, the boys have therapy outside the home after school. Which means, in order to continue doing child care, I would need to find kids that leave by 3 or pull the boys out of all their therapies.

Decisions are a constant part of life. I strive to be firm and comfortable in my decisions without second guessing myself. I am not always successful, but I try…


One thought on “Thursday Thoughts: Decisions

  1. Good luck. You can always open it back up when he’s had his transplant and is feeling better. Thanks for joining in this week!

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