Thursday Thoughts: Learning

Joining in on Thursday Thoughts again from This week’s word is Learning.

Learning has always been so easy for me. I skated through school, taking advanced placement classes without putting any effort in. Typically I spent less than one hour studying each day in high school. It was easy and just came to me naturally. Because of that, I am struggling now. A lot.

You see, learning doesn’t come easy to my kids. They have to put a lot of effort into it and see little progress. During Thing1’s kindergarten year, we would both often be in tears while working on homework. He just didn’t get why 2 and 2 makes 4. And I was biting my lip fighting the urge to scream, “Because it just does!”

This year will probably be even harder. Thing1 has not officially been diagnosed with dyslexia, but testing done prior to listing for transplant shows enough markers that the doctor was comfortable saying he will have dyslexia. (It is not usually diagnosed until after completing first grade, at the earliest.) And Thing2 has autism and is very defiant when trying to do things like homework. I am so glad Armydad is home because it is going to be brutal trying to get homework done for both boys. Neither of them are educationally at their grade level, either.

I am still learning how to do this learning thing. How to teach my children, not only to learn, but to LOVE to learn. Because I want them to love it, like I did…


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: Learning

  1. I’m just dropping by from the Thursday Thoughts link-up to wish you the best of luck with the upcoming school year. I imagine it’s tough to teach someone else solid study skills when one hasn’t been forced by academic struggle to develop those strategies in the past.

  2. I have been so surprised this year with 2nd grade and trying to do schoolwork with AP! I thought it would be a breeze – but it’s SO hard to find the time each day when he’s receptive to it and eager to work on it (after being in school for 7 hours, he wants to have a snack, go out and play, do something relaxing…..) before we’re all too tired in the evening. I guess I just thought he’d automatically love learning and want to jump right in. I don’t know how to help him with this new type of math they’re doing, either! There’s not a book that comes home that I can look at and go over with him. They do almost all assignments together in class, so he breezes through those, but then when it comes time to take the test (which I’m not sure I see those), the grades online are not good! So how do I know if he’s rushing or truly doesn’t get a concept? Looking forward to parent/teacher conferences next week – Id on’t want to fall behind and I’m hoping the teacher can help.

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