This week, my sister had a sweet, little baby girl. When she originally told me she was pregnant, she was trying to bribe me into coming home and told me that I could be in the delivery room with her. I didn’t figure it was possible. Then we found out Armydad was deploying. I asked her if she was serious. She was! So I told the boys we were going home! We would be there for Thing1’s birthday. I started keeping a casual eye on plane tickets waiting to see if I found any crazy sales. Then, in April, I had to take Thing1 to the hospital. We learned over the next few weeks that he was likely getting worse and that transplant might become a reality. I couldn’t make plans to go anywhere until we knew for sure. Once he was listed, I knew for sure that I would not be seeing my sweet niece enter the world.

The worst part about this life is that I miss these events. Army life makes it hard to see our family. When you add in Thing1’s medical issues, it becomes almost impossible. At this point, we will not take Thing1 more than 2 hours from the hospital because he would have to be removed from the list temporarily. And I will not leave the state while he is on the list. Post transplant, I could possibly go on my own, but will not be comfortable traveling with Thing1 for many, many months. There are way too many germs on planes… So, my sweet baby niece will likely be a toddler before I ever hold her. So, so hard. Most days I love my life and love living where we do. Some days, it just stinks though…


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