Yesterday my oldest turned 7. I cannot believe how time has flown. Didn’t I just get that tiny, smushy baby placed in my arms? How did he get so big? We did an Army guy birthday party theme, so Daddy took Thing1 yesterday and got an Army hair cut. He looks way too old with a high and tight…

I am so thankful for every day I have had with him. I suspect the next year will bring us lots of tough days and challenges. We are ready. I pray he has a good year, that he grows, learns, and develops. Even more, I pray that one year from now he is still with us and doing well.


One thought on “Seven

  1. Happy Belated, little buddy!!!! I’m the worst when it comes to saying happy bday, but know that I was thinking about him over the weekend!!!!! HOpe it was fun! I am so happy to celebrate YOU for going into this 8th year (counting your first year before you turned 1) — time flies!!!! If we can keep you all under 8 forever, I’ll feel better….You big boys are growing too fast!)

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