I seem to be having more adjustment issues than anyone else in the house… Armydad is doing great. I have been watching him like a hawk because I was terrified of PTSD. He is showing no signs and seems to have sailed right back into home life with us. I think I am driving him nuts because every time he makes a noise, I ask him if he is okay!!

Thing1 was immediately settled in to having Daddy at home. No adjustment time needed! Thing2 has had a little trouble. When Armydad had to go in to work the first time, he got really upset and threw a couple fits. But, overall he has been easier to handle since Armydad came home.

Armydad is still working on adjusting his sleep schedule, so he is tossing and turning a lot. Between that and the fact that I am not used to sharing my bed, I am not sleeping much. So I am extremely tired which makes me really grouchy. I understand why most wives take time off work when their husbands return. I was off the day Armydad got home and the following day. Then I went back to work. I think this would have been easier if I had some more time off.

Overall, we are doing good. I need to do a little more work with sharing my work load… I am viewing everything Armydad says as criticism right now. I need to work on that.


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