We finished the transplant eval. It was a very long, exhausting 3 days. We met with 10 different departments. Thing1 had 18 vials of blood taken. We spent 9 hours in the car commuting back and forth all three days. Now we wait and see. The cardiologist is planning to gather all the physician reports and lab work. Her hope is to be able to present Thing1 to the cardiology board on July 1. She will call me after that and let me know what was decided and what the next steps are. It is very unnerving to know that we have finished everything and Thing1’s fate lies in the hands of another.

The cardiologist did tell me there are only 7 children on the waiting list right now. Off the top of her head, she doesn’t think any of those are the same blood type and size as Thing1. He will be a lower status, but could still be listed in the number one spot for his blood type and weight. The cardiologist said most kids wait at least 6 months, but it can be several years. So, as nerve wracking as this is, July 2 may be even more so. If they choose to list, I will be jumping every time my phone rings. I am flashing back to adoption waiting. Except this wait is so much more vital…


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