Enlistment issues

Armydad originally enlisted for 3 years. He extended his contract in order to deploy. So, his contract expires early 2014. He went back and forth for a couple months about whether or not to re-enlist. He finally made the decision that he wanted to re-enlist. He got everything he wanted approved and signed off on. The day he was supposed to go in and do it, he was told there were no more slots left open for this fiscal year. Come back 1 October and, hopefully, you will be able to then. So we prepared ourselves to sit and wonder for months about what the future held…

Last week, Armydad got promoted! (Woo-hoo! Go Armydad!) He was told a couple days ago that, with the higher rank, there are now slots open for him to re-enlist. He is currently at a project site away from his company. He is trying to get everything lined up so he will be able to sign it as soon as he returns.

I am really excited there are slots open now! I will support my husband no matter what. And I was torn as to whether or not I wanted him to re-enlist. I just want a decision. I want to know if we will be an Army family next year. I want to know if my kids will be changing schools. I want to know how we will pay our bills. If he re-enlists, all those unknowns go away. If he signs a dec statement, most would go away, too. Hopefully in a few days I will know!


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