Dear John

I am puzzled as to why so many marriages end during a deployment. I know those marriages must have had pre-existing issues going in to the deployment. But, I still don’t get it. If you are mad that your spouse left you at home to be a single parent, why choose to leave and be a single parent forever?? I understand some marriages cannot handle the physical and emotional challenges that sometimes accompany a return from deployment. I just struggle to understand mid deployment decisions to get out.

I feel blessed by this deployment. My husband loves to watch TV. So when he is home, we usually put the kids to bed, watch TV, go to sleep. Now that he is gone, we talk every day! I feel like we have grown closer and stronger through this time apart. We cannot tune each other out in front of the TV.

Some spouses have said that when their deployed spouse calls every day, they run out of things to talk about. I am still waiting for that to happen. Armydad would say it will never happen because I love to talk too much! He’s right. I LOVE to talk! I always have things to talk to my husband about!

I think I will actually miss all of our conversations when he comes home. I might have to send him outside with his cell phone occasionally so we can talk!


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