Good days?

I can usually tell within an hour of Thing2 waking, how our day is going to go. Yesterday, both kids slept 12 consecutive hours in their own beds! I just knew after that great sleep, we were going to have a great day. The start to the day was rough, but I kept telling myself he was just groggy. He wasn’t. It was a bad day. There was lots of yelling from all of us. I took the boys to a couple stores and was so embarrassed, I almost walked out. You see, Thing2 has a butt obsession. He thinks they are hilarious. The entire time at the store, he was pinching, poking, and smacking Thing1’s butt. Every time he made contact, Thing1 would scream and run. Then Thing2 would chase and they would end up in clothes racks. It was just not a good day.

Today I woke to Thing2 in my bed. (Sneaky boy!) He asked for breakfast and I told him I would get it in a minute. He started screaming. I thought we were going to have a repeat of yesterday. But 5 minutes later, he was calm and has been in a great, cooperative mood since. This should mean that today will be a better day. I hope so, because I can’t take another day like yesterday. ( Seriously. I got into the alcohol at 4pm yesterday…)


2 thoughts on “Good days?

  1. What I struggle with when things start to go south, is that you know how it can change on a pinhead, just in seconds from great to GAH wheredidmysweetlittlekidgo!? Well, it may be lightning speed to change from good to bad, but then I get stuck in a grouchy mom mood and can’t seem to get back to positive as fast as the kids can switch back to sweet…. guess I’m holding onto my grudge? Not sure, but it’s hard to flip 90 degrees for me when they do.

    I think that’s one reason I love reading the blog because the working mom there has major and also “typical” challenges with her 2 kids, and I love how honest she is about her feelings and some of the ways she describes feeling about and dealing with her kids. Helps me get things in perspective and stop and analize it a little more to see why I react the way I do…

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