Most of the children of people I am friends with on Facebook are now on summer break. We are not. Thing 1 has 3 1/2 weeks of school left. Thing2 has 3 weeks. I am both thankful it is not yet summer and wishing it was here already!

Thing1 is an absolute bear to get to do his homework. He fights it. He complains. He gets distracted. It turns into me losing my temper and threatening to take things away if he doesn’t just DO HIS HOMEWORK! And Thing1 has been in the nurse’s office every single day for the past three weeks. Every. Single. Day. Some days, twice a day. (He is only in school for 2 1/2 hours.) He has been complaining of chest pain. They no longer call me unless he comes in more than once or his heart rate is different than normal. So, I am ready for Thing1 to be out of school for the summer.

But, oh my goodness, I am not ready for Thing2. He thrives with consistency and routine. He needs to get out of the house, every day. Weekends with him are… tough, optimistically speaking. There is lots of yelling. it is 99% directed at me. His days are better if we get out of the house. The worst days are the ones spent entirely at home. But, I cannot go somewhere every day all summer. Some days we are going to have to stay home. I love him and I love spending time with him, but he does better when he goes to school in the morning. And I do better when I get that break from him. (It is very hard to be yelled at all day long and not start to take it personally. I know he doesn’t understand and isn’t trying to hurt me. But, it does hurt.)

I am currently working with insurance to get ABA therapy approved. (Our awesome insurance covers it!!!) I was told they usually cover around 11 hours a week. So, he will get therapy several days a week. I am hoping that will take the place of school and will help us both to survive the summer with less yelling. (Thing2’s number one reason to yell at me? When I compliment or praise him. Today I said, “That was good problem solving, buddy.” He responded by screaming at me, “I not like it when you say that.” But, I cannot stop praising him. Right? I don’t know. Maybe it is different with kids with ASD…)


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