A little over a month ago, I was taking a bath. I had twisted my back that day and was having a lot of pain. As soon as I got off work, I ran a bath to see if that would help. While in there, Thing1 came in and told me he was having chest pains. I told him to go sit on the couch and relax. He came back a few minutes later and told me again. I got out and went to watch him. About half an hour later, he told me again. This time he was in tears from the pain. We headed to the emergency room. Everything looked good on the monitors and he was acting better, so we got sent home that night. A few days later he complained again. I called his cardiologist and they squeezed us in. They examined him and determined that his liver was enlarged, which is a sign that his heart failure is progressing. Everything else looked good though, so they sent us home with the plan to check him again in about a month. Shorty after, other symptoms emerged. He had an increase in shortness of breath, his exercise intolerance got worse, etc. So they increased his meds. We went back in a couple weeks later. The doctor put him on 2 more meds to rule out any other possibilities. Those did nothing for him. Our best guess now is that he is in heart failure and it is getting worse. He goes in next month for a transplant evaluation. We think he will be listed for a heart transplant next month. The average wait is 1-2 years.

One more post to come and then we will be caught up on the medical drama that has plagued this deployment.


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