About a month after Armydad left, I took Thing1 to the emergency room. He was complaining of stomach pains, nauseous, and running a fever. They thought it was nothing and sent us home with instructions to come back the next day. When we went back, the fever had gone up, but he was doing better. They treated me like a paranoid mom and ignored us for a few hours. Finally, after a little pushing they did an ultra sound and chest X-ray. After that, things went into overdrive. We had about 8 different doctors in our room in the next half hour. He had appendicitis and a partially collapsed lung. He was rushed into surgery. He spent one night in the pediatric intensive care unit and a second night in a regular room. They decided the collapsed lung was a result of pneumonia, so he went home on antibiotics also.

After 2 ER visits, 2 nights in the hospital, one surgery, and pneumonia, I thought we had surely fulfilled our medical drama quota for the deployment. Boy was I wrong…


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