Armydad deployed a few months ago. It has been a hard adjustment for all of us. Thing1 has handled it pretty well. He understands that Daddy is working, he will call when he can, and he is coming home at some point. Thing2 has had a tough time. He doesn’t get it. He knows Daddy is gone and he misses him. He doesn’t understand why he is gone or when he will be home.

I am doing pretty well. Armydad is in a fairly safe area, nestled in the mountains. He hasn’t left the FOB since he got there. So I am not really worried about him like I thought I would be. I am struggling with raising the boys alone for this time, I am lonely and lacking in adult conversation, I miss sex, I don’t like doing all the chores alone. But, those are minor things in the big picture. Overall, I feel like I am thriving through this deployment. Some days I feel guilty because I am doing well. I miss my husband, but I love watching girly shows like The Bachelor after the boys go to bed. Don’t get me wrong, if given a choice, I would have him home. But I am trying to make the most of this time.

Armydad is doing okay. He misses us and is tired of the third world country and its amenities, or lack thereof! But, he is hanging in there. We have had some medical drama at home that has been hard on him. (Separate posts coming on those things.)

So, here it is. More than a third of the way through our first deployment and we are all doing really well. Go us!


2 thoughts on “Deployment

  1. Try not to feel guilty about enjoying what you can about this deployment. When my hub travelled more, I tried to find all the positives about the evenings alone – chick flicks, not having to make big dinners, doing what I wanted/when I wanted. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get through this – you know he’s doing the same thing!!!

    I NEVER would have thought a 3 hour time difference would mean that much to our phone time. Was I wrong! Or maybe this is just life with a 1st grader. I thought it was supposed to be harder to talk on the phone when they were younger…. Too bad I”m not a night owl!

  2. It’s definitely hard having them gone, but after doing this for 6 years (the first year and a half we just had school), I kind of look forward to him leaving because it lets me look forward to him coming home too…and gives me that special bonding time with my kids.

    Of course, it may be harder if I got phone calls or emails regularly from my husband too. Mine is just under the water and I’ve told him time and time again, I will email when I can and I don’t expect anything back from him. I know I’m lucky if I get a single email during the time he’s gone.

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