Care team

We had a FRG meeting last night.  (Family Readiness Group for non-military people.)  The Battalion commander spoke about the upcoming deployment.  He said he had just received official word that all signatures have been received and it is a go.  They also had a person from Army Community Services there to talk about the resources they offer (financial planning classes, resiliency training, etc.)  They served pizza and held it at a park.

The part that is stuck in my head is what First Sergeant said about needing volunteers for the Care Teams.  (I think that is what he called them.)  They are the go betweens.  They work with the casualty assistance officer and casualty notification officer and the family.  It was too real.  I don’t want to think about who is going to answer my questions when I cannot get a hold of the CAO.  I just cannot think about that.  There is no need for a care team for this company.  One will not be needed.



2 thoughts on “Care team

  1. We all pray that a care team won’t be needed but in case it is so good to have that training. I took the training 2 weeks ago and there is so much valuable information.

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