It’s Back

So, the Big D is back in play.  And it looks like it will be sticking this time.  Armydad was told last week that they are waiting for a couple signatures and then it will be official and orders will be issued.  Battalions usually spend about 12 months preparing for a deployment.  We have considerably less time that that, so Armydad was told they are in a rapid deployment phase trying to get everything and everyone ready to go.  Several people from his unit were supposed to be moving on to new duty stations in the coming months.  Their orders have been cancelled…

I am still processing.  I knew this day was coming and I was dreading it.  So, I am glad we know and we can get this first deployment done and behind us.  And my husband seems to think their mission is less dangerous than many others, so that is good!  I am still feeling stressed and trying not to worry.

Family members have been told.  Apparently they thought deployments were like tropical vacations because they seem shocked and outraged by the length of the deployment and the fact that Armydad will need to be armed at all times while deployed!  (There was a news story recently to this effect.)

So, here we go…


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