Love it!

You gotta love the Army life!  Last week on Tuesday, Armydad came home with news that his unit was running a program for ROTC cadets this summer and he might have to go to the field.  The following day, he came home and said he was definitely going, sometime in July.  On Friday he called to say he was likely leaving Monday!  I reminded him that he has a dentist appointment on Tuesday and that Thing1 has an appointment on Wednesday that he had agreed to cover.  So, he talked to his sergeants and was told he would likely leave Wednesday or Thursday.  But he had to be preapred to go on Monday.  So, when he left for work yesterday, he kissed me and said, “I will either see you tonight or in 5 days.”

Does anyone outside the military live like this?

He did not leave yesterday.  He is still home with us and heading to the dentist today.  He will be leaving at some point this week.  It is supposed to be a schedule of 4 days (and nights) on and then 2 off.  So, we will have a day or 2 with him every 4 days, if they stick to the schedule!

It has been my experience that the first 10-14 days of a separation are the hardest.  Then you settle in and get used to it.  So, I am not sure how the boys will handle this routine.  Hoping this is much easier than if he was just gone for the whole summer.


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