The meeting today was eh…  The principal said after looking at his results that she feels he should be in kindergarten.  So, the IEP was written for kindergarten.  He is still getting the accommodations he needs, just not as much time.  If he does kindergarten, he has 810 minutes of school each week.  He would spend 290 minutes in special education services.  That means he would be in a general education classroom 64% of the time.  Of that 290 minutes, he only gets 40 minutes each for reading, writing, and math.  The rest is social skills, speech therapy and occupational therapy.  I feel his biggest needs are reading, writing, and math.  He already gets speech privately and will likely get occupational therapy as well.  (He has an evaluation in July.)

On the other hand, if he does first grade, he would be in school for around 1800 minutes a week and would spend more than 1000 in special education.  He would get more than 3 times the amount of resource time!  Originally we were thinking we would enroll him in first grade so he could get the extra time he needs with the plan that he would more than likely do 2 years of first grade.  However, the principal told me they do not retain special education kids.  If they need to be retained, that is a sign that they did not get the services they needed.

So, my questions now: can the school force him to go to second grade if we do not feel he is ready at the end of the year?  What would you as a parent or teacher choose to do in this situation?


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