School stuff

So we had Thing1 evaluated again by the school system.  Armydad went in yesterday for the meeting to discus the results.  (It got rescheduled and was at the same time as the boys’ speech therapy, so we had to divide and conquer…)  His delays?  They are significant.  We expected that.  (Although I suspect he did not want to do the work when he was evaluated because he knows a lot more than she says he does!)  The good news: they are making a bunch of accommodations for him!  With the accommodations, I feel he could have a successful year next year.  Now comes the tricky part: do we enroll him in kindergarten or first grade?  He is not ready for first grade.  But kindergarten is only 2 1/2 hours a day here.  So, he would have very little time for resource room pull out.  (One of his accommodations.)  If we enroll him in first grade, he would be there more, so would have more time to receive services.  I am not 100% positive yet what we are going to do.  I go in on Friday to talk to the school about specifics.  If they are only offering a half hour three times a week of resource room in first grade, it won’t be worth it.  If he will get pulled out every day for help with reading and math, he would benefit a lot from that.  Yesterday I was freaking out and blaming myself for his delays.  Today, I have accepted it and am feeling some peace.

I have enjoyed having him home with me this year and am glad we made that choice.  I am confident I will feel the same next summer about whatever decision we make this week.


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