FCC Part 3

I know, it took me forever to write this third edition!

I received my FCC license on January 12.  The following week we got a snow and ice storm which shut post down for 4 days.  Even though the offices were closed and my name was not given out those 4 days, I still got 6 calls in the first 10 days I had my license!  I accepted 7 week old twin boys who started on January 24.  I loved getting my baby fix!

Unfortunately, the babies did not work out long term for me.  I kept them for 2 1/2 months and then began watching 4 year old twin boys.  (What is with me and the twins??)  Those 2 are still with me.  I, of course, have my good days and my bad days with them.  For the most part, it is going well.  Thing1 and Thing2 love having them around!

I am licensed for 6 kids.  My 2 count in that ratio.  I can comfortably fit 4 kids in my van, so I wanted to stay there.  I have been doing some back up care for providers who take vacation or have doctor appointments.

This is a great way for me to make money to supplement my family and still be home with my family.


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