FCC Part 2

Okay, here is the second part!

My parents arrived to visit the day before I finished my classes, so I was distracted by them for a bit after finishing!  My mom and I did a little shopping to get the needed supplies in order for me to open.  But, mostly, the first few weeks, I did nothing.  About 3 weeks after the classes, I had my first home inspection.  The public health nurse came to look over my family medical reports.  The people from health and sanitation came to check the cleanliness of my home.  The fire department came to check fire safety and that I had an emergency plan in place.  And FCC came to see if I had started preparing for opening my business.  I had two minor issues: I forgot to clean my stove hood and I had some meat in the freezer that was above cookies.  Both were quick easy fixes!

After that, I had a family interview.  The FCC director came out and talked with my husband and kids to make sure they were on board with me doing FCC.  I finished setting up my environments, made sample menus, and did a curriculum.  Then the director came out for the final visit.  After that I received my license!

From the start of my classes to the day I got my license, was almost exactly 2 months.  It could have probably been done quicker.  We had a visit from my parents, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a trip to Disney World all thrown into the timeline!


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