FCC Part 1

I suspect I will need to write multiple posts to cover the FCC process.  Here is part 1, the training info.

First I should say, from what I have been told, my current location is one of the toughest posts for FCC providers.  They require more training and have more rules than most do.

I took the classes back in November.  It was 6 full days of classes (Monday through Friday and Monday of the following week).  We covered everything: medical issues, developmental milestones, curriculum, health and safety, First Aid, CPR, diaper changing, etc.  (Did you the know the Army has a diaper changing policy?  There is a poster to be displayed with multiple steps to be followed.  I had no idea!)

During the classes, I was offered free child care for my 2 boys in a FCC home.  I got a wonderful home for the boys.  Both of my kids have some medical issues so they had to go through a special process to enter the child services.  The provider that was chosen for us is one that has dealt with a lot of kids with medical issues.  So, she was phenomenal with my kids and did not mind that I called often and Armydad dropped by a few times to check on them.  (What can I say?  We are protective parents.)

Some days the classes were long and tedious with an overload of information.  Those days I came home exhausted and unsure if I could really do it.  Other days, they were fun and full of great ideas I could implement with my own kids.  By the end of the classes, I felt overwhelmed by the lists of things I needed to do and acquire.  But, I also felt like I had the ability to do it.  It was within reach.

I will cover the time from finishing classes to becoming licensed in part 2.  That was almost a 2 month time span…


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