Working girl

The reason I have been absent is because I have become a working girl!  I took classes back in November to become an FCC provider.  (FCC stands for Family child care.)  It took about 6 weeks for me to complete all of the requirements and get licensed.  I opened my home in January and had 7 week old twins enrolled almost immediately!  Today is their last day with me.  Today is also my first day with 3 year old twins!  (What is with me and twins??)

I do not feel comfortable sharing much about the kids or my FCC business.  I will try and do a post on the ins and outs of getting licensed to be an FCC provider.  I have discovered it is a great way to make some money and contribute to the family while still being a full time at home mom to my own children!


One thought on “Working girl

  1. I know you have to protect the privacy of the children in your home, but any tips on fun activities to do with multi-age kids or how you balance the FCC kids and your own would be interesting. My son’s teacher is getting a ton of craft ideas for her class from Pinterest…

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