Ringing out the year

So, I have failed again at keeping up with this blogging thing!  I will try harder.

Time for a recap of my year and the events since I last blogged.  Let’s start with the recent stuff:

– Thing1 had his cardiac catherization.  It went well with no bad reactions to anesthesia and no complications!  The findings were very similar to his previous cath from a year ago, so little changes!  We are not sure what this means.  We have an appointment in January with his transplant doctor to see if she wants to list him or continue monitoring him

– Disney World was AWESOME!  The kids both had a blast.  Thing1 got treated like royalty.  We got bumped to the front of every line for all rides and characters.  The characters spent extra time with him and he got several kisses!  Jessie, Tinkerbell, and Cinderella just to name a few!  Disney World is amazing when it comes to treatment of special needs kids.  And our resort, called Give Kids the World, was wonderful.  They took care of every one of our needs and made our week there carefree.  Make A Wish is a fabulous organization.  If you ever have the opportunity to get involved with them, DO IT!  I have posted some pictures on Facebook.  Leave a comment telling me who you are if you want my name for Facebook!

– Armydad and I celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary the day after we got back from Florida.  A friend offered to watch the boys, so we got to go on a date.  It had been exactly one year since our last date!

– I threw my back out and am having trouble walking.  Hoping it improves soon.

Now on to the year in review: We spent half the year living apart.  Armydad tried to go to OCS, but ultimately made the decision to switch to enlisted.  We moved all the way across the country.  We made awesome friends and found a wonderful church.  We encountered our usual share of medical dramas.  We went on our very first family vacation.  We became a homeschooling family.  Wow!  That was a lot of change in one year’s time!!

I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings.  I am only making one real resolution.  I am hoping to stick to this one!  I am resolving to work on my relationship with God.  I want to spend more time in prayer and devotion every day.  I want to do prayer and devotion time with my kids every day.

I know I need to lose some weight.  I think it would improve my back if I did.  But, I also know I am lazy and I like to eat badly, so I am not making that a resolution.  I am going to do some research though and  see if I can find a diet that would be easy for me to stick to.  I honestly, think it would be easier for me to stick to an exercise routine than to a diet, but my back is too messed up for a serious exercise routine.  And, I will likely be having back surgery this year.  (Oh, I forgot to add that to my yearly recap.  Since my last injection did not work, the doc thinks it is time to move on to surgery.  I also suspect I may need a female surgery again as I am having some issues…  Both are on hold until we find out what is happening with Thing1.  If he goes on the list, I will more than likely be waiting until post-transplant to address my medical issues.)

Good-bye 2011.  You were a pretty good year.  2012, here we come.  Please be nice to us!


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