Milspouse Friday Fill-In #65

Thanks to Wifey for the Fill-In!

1. If I could be on any reality TV show, I’d want to be on What Not to Wear.  Is it bad that I want to go on that show?  I feel like a frumpy mom most of the time, so I would love the advice and money for a new wardrobe!

2. This past Thanksgiving was wonderful!  My hubby has always worked the day after, so we usually spend Thanksgiving at home alone.  This year we spent it with my parents and cousin.  And we got a 4 day weekend together!

3. I’m looking forward to December because I get to go to Disney World!

4. One thing I’d like to accomplish this month is to get caught up on my scrapbooks!

5. To me, winter is supposed to be full of snow.  I think I will really miss the snow…


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