Thankful Day 26

Today I am thankful for the Make A Wish Foundation.  I filled out an application for Thing1 on a lark.  I did not think he would actually get a wish.  I thought it was only for kids who are dying.  I was shocked when they called me just a couple days later to tell me that they wanted to grant his wish!  He was kind of young to make a wish decision completely on his own, so I will admit that I coached him a little.  I showed him pictures and videos of Disney World and talked about how much fun it would be and how it would be a great wish.  So, when they came, he told them he wanted to meet Mickey!

His wish has been kind of long and drawn out because we had to wait until Armydad’s training ended.  We were finally able to get it set up!  Today we go for Thing1’s farewell party.  We will get our plane tickets, new luggage, and various other paperwork stuff.  (I have never been to a farewell party, so I am not sure what exactly we will get.)  And in less than 4 weeks, we will board an airplane and head to the happiest place on earth!  We are so blessed to be given this opportunity.


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