Thankful Day 13

Today I am thankful that my sister, brother in law, and nephews are okay.  My nephews are 20 months and (almost) 2 months old  I have not yet been able to meet the baby.  Last night, my sister was up feeding the baby when she heard a terrible crash.  She ran to get her husband up and then started looking around trying to find the cause of the crash.  Her older son was crying, so he peeked in his room, saw that it had woken him up, but he appeared to be unharmed in his crib, so she closed the door and kept searching.  My brother in law went outside to see if a tree had fallen on the house.  While out there, he discovered the window of my nephew’s room had been broken.  Apparently, someone threw a hedge apple through the double pane window and broke it.  Thankfully the blinds were closed, so my nephew was shielded from flying glass.  The police were called.  They suspect it was a teenager playing a prank.  It could be.  Or the person could have been scared off by the screaming toddler!  Either way, I am so thankful they are all okay.

My sister and nephews headed over to my mom and dad’s house to spend the rest of the night there.  They will probably end up at mom and dad’s until the window is able to be repaired.


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