Thankful Day 9

I know I already did a thankful for friends post, but I am doing another one!

On Monday, we took Thing1 to the hospital for a minor outpatient surgery.  For a child in normal health, the surgery would last about one hour and then recovery would be 1-2 hours.  We were told they would need to monitor Thing1 for at least 4 hours post-op to make sure his heart was doing well after the anesthesia.  The surgery was supposed to start at 10:30 but he did not go in until 12.  So, he got done at 1.  We thought we would be out of there around 5.

About an hour into the post-op recovery, he started vomiting.  After the third time, the doctor was consulted and more fluids were hung to ward off dehydration.  After the fourth time, the doctor was consulted again and gave orders that Thing1 needed to be admitted and monitored overnight.  (They wanted to make sure the nausea went away, but, more importantly, they wanted to make sure he did not become dehydrated.  Dehydration can be deadly for him.)

Armydad and I started scrambling to make plans.  We had not brought any overnight items with us.  I texted family and a few friends.  Two of our friends offered to come and get Thing2 for us!  My cousin offered to call people in his church and have them bring any needed items to us.  One of our home group friends said she would drive up and bring me stuff.  (Keep in mind that we live 50 miles away from the hospital.  With the crazy traffic here, at that time of day it would have taken at least 1 1/2 hours each way to bring us stuff.)

I am so thankful for my friends.  Our neighbor has already informed us that she will be keeping Thing2 when we go to the hospital next month for the next surgical procedure.  She also has a house key now so she can take care of the dog when needed.

(In the end, Armydad and Thing2 came home, took care of the dog, slept in their beds, and packed a bag to me that they brought back the following day.  It worked.)


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