We finally found a church!  It took us a while.  I was getting very discouraged.  It seemed every church we went to, I loved and Armydad did not or he loved and I did not.  And it was taking a toll on the kids, too.  Thing1 was having some separation issues and announced after one church that he did not want to go back anymore.  I decided after that one that we were going to need to split up and leave the kids at home if we did not find a place soon.  Thankfully, the next weekend we went to a church and we all fell in love.  Thing1 walked out and said, “Can we come back here next time, Mommy?”  It is a large church with lots of stuff to do.  They have awesome programming for the kids.  It reminds me a lot of our church back home.

The best part: we found a home group to join!  There are 6 other couples in the group.  One of them has 2 daughters that are teen / preteen age who have volunteered to watch the kids.  So, we get to bring the boys with us!  The girls keep them in a different room in the house.  And of the 7 couples, 6 of the wives are stay at home moms.  There is one other military family and one Army Reserve family.  It is just a great fit and we are loving it!  I think they will become great friends and supporters.

Finding a church has made a huge difference.  I feel more settled and happy.  This is home now.  We belong here.


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