Medical Hassle

Today we are off to the children’s hospital to take Thing1 to see his new cardiologist team.  I am a little nervous about it, but also really looking forward to getting another opinion on his care and what we should be doing for him right now.  He will be having another Echo and probably some blood work while we are there.  Thankfully, Armydad’s unit is letting him go with us!  (Which is good, because the hospital is about 60 miles away and we will have several hours of appointments while there.)

So, the biggest hassle of moving has been dealing with changing medical providers.  When you have a family with 3 members enrolled in the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program) and multiple specialists through-out, it is a royal pain to move…  Before we moved, I called and got a pediatrician for the boys (who I do not like.  At all.)  I also got Thing1’s cardiologist, ophthalmologist and a dentist for both.  So, we had 5 appointments set up before we even left our apartment for the trip out here!

After I got out here, I got doctors for myself.  I have three appointments in the coming month.  (My back is flaring again, so a trip to the orthopaedic surgeon was at the top of my priority list.  That appointment will likely result in an MRI, X-rays, possible therapy, and probable surgical procedures.)

I suspect we had a picture perfect easy move because of the hassle we are dealing with in regards to healthcare.  Armydad was told that he more than likely will spend most of his career at this one location because of the difficulty in finding locations that can accommodate us.  I am hoping that is the case because I am not anxious to repeat this process anytime soon…


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