Let’s Get Together!

I have had trouble in the past meeting people.  I am sometimes shy when I first meet people.  Armydad says that sometimes my shyness comes off as being a snob…  So, I have tried really hard and made a great effort to meet people here.  And it is working!

I met the wife of a guy in Armydad’s unit online before we got out here.  She and I have really hit it off and become great friends!  She has a daughter around the boys’ ages, so we get the kids together from time to time.  I have also made friends with a few of the neighbors.

I had my first experience with the Army life of saying ‘good-bye’ very quickly.  When we moved in, we clicked right away with our neighbors across the street.  They had 2 kids and were so down to earth and friendly.  They moved out 3 weeks after we moved in.  I was sad to already lose one of the friends I had made…

I am little worried that I have hit a wall and will not meet more people now.  Unless new people move in, I doubt I will make friends with any more neighbors.  With the boys school schedule, I am struggling to find a time that I could join a Moms group or a Bible study.  But, I keep reminding myself that it will happen when it is supposed to.  I am sure when our time here ends, we will have many people to say good-bye to…


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