Happy Dance!

I just got the call from Make A Wish.  We will be at the happiest place on Earth on Christmas Day this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot wait!  (And they told us we will get star treatment with early plane boardings and special trips to the cockpit.  Plus they will likely make an announcement over the PA welcoming us as a special Make A Wish family.  I cannot even think about this program and this trip without crying!)


4 thoughts on “Happy Dance!

  1. Oh wow! I’ve heard it’s the coolest place at CHristmas time! You’ll get to see the big parade!!! I hope the weather will be really good this year then… I cannot imagine a better C’mas give for a child than this….. YAY! And I’m gladd it’s happening soon while ArmyDad is around and you can all still fly.

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