We Moved!

So, we moved.  Remember that?  I talked about it a lot before we moved, then kind of dropped off the face of the earth.  So, a bit of a recap.

The Things and I left on July 23 and headed this way.  We arrived on July 26.  Our household goods arrived on August 20.  That is a heck of a long time to be without your stuff.  Especially with a 3 and 5 year old!  The only real glitch in our move was that the movers did not show up to pack our stuff.  (Kind of a big one, huh?)  My parents drove down to my apartment on the appointed day and waited.  And then waited.  And waited a while more during which time I frantically called everyone I could trying to figure out what happened.  Apparently the packing was sub-contracted out.  The person who got our paperwork quick very unexpectedly before entering our move into their system.  So, they had no idea about it!  Thankfully they were great and scrambled to get someone there the following business day and get it done.  It pushed the movers back a day from picking the stuff up, but did not create too much of an issue overall.

Before moving I heard great stories of how easy and painless the moves were.  And I heard horror stories of thousands of dollars worth of broken stuff.  Thankfully ours was great!  We have only found one broken item.  Armydad’s bike brakes no longer work.  The wire that connects them to the wheels is no longer connected.  We are filing a claim and hoping to get enough money to either fix the brakes or buy a new bike for him.  But, really not a big deal.

This move was by far the easiest move I have ever done.  I was 2000 miles away when all of my stuff was packed and loaded.  Then when it was delivered, three guys carried everything off the truck, opened and emptied all of the boxes, and then took the boxes and wrapping materials away when they left!  We still had to put our stuff away, but we had the house set up with pictures on the walls within 48 hours!  I think I will forever let the Army move us!

Our house is awesome.  It is about twice the size of our last apartment.  It is roomy, all of our stuff fits, and it feels like home!  I bought and hung curtains in the bedrooms while waiting for our household goods to arrive.  We painted the boys room and it looks so cute!  (We are allowed to paint, but have to prime over it before we move out.  Since Armydad hates painting, he only gave his blessing to paint the kids room!)  We have a third bedroom which we are using as an office / playroom / guest room.  The neighborhood is great with other kids and very little noise.  We could not have gotten luckier for our first experience living on post.

So, there is my move update.  Not overly dramatic.


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