In Love

I have been here for a little more than a week and I am completely in love!  The weather is awesome.  Our house is nice and roomy.  There is a ton of shopping and stuff to do.  And?  Living with my husband?  It is WONDERFUL!  I am cooking meals and baking treats again and enjoying it.  It does not feel like a chore anymore because I have a husband to enjoy it and to thank me for making food!

We went to a birthday party last weekend!  I had met a wife online a few weeks ago whose husband is in Armydad’s unit.  They had a birthday party for their daughter.  The boys had a blast and were so happy to meet a friend!  We had them over for dinner a few days later.  It is great to have friends to hang out with!  Today, the boys and I are supposed to meet another mommy and her sons who I met online.  We are meeting at the splash park on post.  Plus the family across the street from us have a son who will be starting kindergarten this year like Thing1!

I am so happy to be here and doing so well.  From what we are hearing, we should have quite a bit of time before we need to worry about a deployment for Armydad.  I am so glad for this.  It will give me a lot of time to settle in, make friends, and find a support group before I face that.

For all the crap we went through to get to this point, I am so thankful we are here and we went through it because we are in a great place!


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