We Made It!

We got here!  I am finally living with my husband again!!!

The trip went well.  We had planned to spread it out over 4 days.  We ended up making it in 3!  My kids are rock stars and did awesome.  We spent a total of 42 hours traveling.  (That is time from leaving in the morning to stopping at night, so it includes stops and meals.)  In all of that time, we only had about 2 hours of whining or crying.  For a 3 and 5 year old, I think that is amazing!

Our only hiccup while traveling happened on the second night.  We drove for a long time.  We finally reached the city we planned to stop in and discovered only one hotel with a room available.  It was twice the price of normal hotel rates.  But, we found nothing else, so I sucked it up and paid it.  We got in and our keys would not work.  I went and had them reset.  They still would not work.  Then my sister went.  While she was there someone walked up and asked to have their keys reset.  The man handed them a key and gave his room number.  They did not ask his name or for ID and immediately reset his key for that room!  So, they gave my sister keys for a new room.  Again, they would not work…  As we were trying to get in, one guy walked by and told us it was a sketchy place and to make sure our doors were locked.  So, we asked for a refund and left.  We drove another hour or so and finally found a place for the night.

Other than that, it went great!  We got in town a day early so we were able to do a little sight seeing before my sister left today.  Now, I am busy settling in and waiting for our furniture.  So far, I love it!


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