Finally, Finally, Finally!

Armydad has orders!  He left exactly 7 weeks after graduating from his advanced training.  It took FOREVER!

His online status stayed in the “on assignment” for 2 weeks and finally changed and showed Fort L as his duty station.  He was told on Tuesday at about 3:30.  I was at my mom’s house, 8 hours away.  He called and told me his orders were in and I needed to pick him up Wednesday morning.  The boys and I left my mom’s and headed home Tuesday night, got up super early on Wednesday and drove 5 hours to pick up Armydad.  Then we turned around and drove 5 hours back home.  My boys were rock stars and did awesome in the car!

Armydad is currently home with us, but he leaves tomorrow morning to make the long drive out.  I am trying to get the move set up and get on the wait list for housing.  Hoping we will be following him out in 2-3 weeks.

Now on to my experience with moving:

Housing wait list: We need to fill out an application and fax it with a couple forms.  Sounds easy, right?  We do not have one of the forms.  We are going to try and get it tomorrow morning before Armydad leaves.  If we cannot get it, Armydad will try to get it next week when he gets out there.  It takes about 3 days to process the application and there is a 30 to 90 day wait.  So, we have no idea if we will end up on post or off…

Setting up the move: I called yesterday and was told we would either need to do it online or go in to the office, 6 hours away.  So, we tried to do it online and had major issues.  We finally called the help desk and got the issues ironed out and submitted the application online.  Then I called to find out what documents to fax and was told that I was not supposed to do it online.  For the first move, you are supposed to go in to the office.  But, since it was already done online, it would probably still go through without a problem.  So, we faxed the documents and now we wait for them to call us.  Such a pain…


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