Orders Coming and Orders Going

Okay, here is the post I have been trying to find the time to write!  Sorry if it is a little long…

Armydad finished his advanced training almost 5 weeks ago.  (It will be 5 weeks tomorrow.)  He has been sitting in holding waiting for his orders since.  The orders are taking longer because of the EFMP (Exceptional Family Member Program), specifically, because of Thing1’s medical condition.  They have to make sure Armydad is stationed somewhere that has the specialists needed by Thing1.

Last week on Tuesday, his status changed online to “on assignment.”  From the many other wives I have come in contact with, I have learned this status change generally comes a week before orders appear online.  So, we got VERY excited!  However, the next day, his status reverted back to “trainee.”  He texted me that afternoon to let me know he had orders for Fort L, but they were denied by EFMP.  When he asked why, they said the services Thing1 needed were not offered there.  I did some quick research and discovered a pediatric heart transplant program 50 miles away from the post.  At that point, I began to flip out!  There are only 2 posts that are closer to a transplant facility.  He was never going to get orders…  I texted Armydad back and told him to go and explain this to the sergeant and ask if they could call and double check why the orders were denied.  The sergeant said no.

I began trying to call and e-mail to investigate it myself.  On Thursday I spoke with a very nice woman in the EFMP office who told me they thought Thing1 was already on the transplant list and was the most severe status, which would require him to be within 30 miles of the hospital.  I informed her that he is not on the list and simply needs access for monitoring.  She said she would go back and change the orders to approved.

Armydad went to his sergeant and told him.  The sergeant was PO’ed that I called and would not even let Armydad explain what the mix-up was.  There was a lot of yelling, name calling, and accusations.  And now Armydad is avoiding him!

Today the status changed back to “on assignment” again.  We have heard nothing.  We do not know if this means Fort L is approved and we will be heading there or if orders have popped up for another post.  We are hoping to hear something later this week about orders.

The unknown waiting is driving me insane!


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