She Still Has Teeth

I am so proud of myself today because the nurse that helped with Thing1’s blood draw today still has all of her teeth.  Apparently, I exercised much more restraint than others would have.

Thing1 had to have some blood work done.  I took him to a lab at a local Center for Children.  The wait is always short there and they deal with kids constantly.  Usually, it is a big win.  The tech was good, the nurse was awful…

For Thing1, the anticipation of the needle is the worst part.  He thought we were there for Thing2, so he was fine.  Once I sat down and tried to grab him, he started screaming and crying.  He was grasping at me and begging, “Please, no Mommy.  Don’t let them hurt me, please.”  I was a mess!  The lab tech asked if we wanted to come back another time.  I explained that he would be no calmer a different time.  Once she poked him, he would be fine, he is just scared of the needle.  The nurse looked at me and said, “Don’t you think it is time to break his fear?”  I looked at her and snottily said, “He needs a heart transplant and has already had more needle sticks than most adults.  He has earned the right to be scared of needles.”  Both of my arms and legs were wrapped around Thing1 trying to keep him still.  Otherwise, I would have probably punched her…

And, I was right.  The second the needle entered his arm, he quit screaming and squirming.  The tech had to dig a little.  Thing1 sat there and watched as she dug and then drew blood.  He builds the memory up too much in his head and then immediately calms once he feels that it is not so bad after all.

He is a rock star!  And that nurse is going to get punched one day.


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