This Life…

I don’t like this life for my kids.  It is not fair.

I had to take Thing1 in for a regular heart check up today.  He had an Echo done.  He has had about a dozen of these and knows them well.  He knows which room to go into, to sit down and put his finger out for the Pulse Ox, then his arm for blood pressure, then to take his shoes off to be weighed and measured.  Then he runs down the hallway to the next room and picks his movie.  Today I had to take both kids by myself.  I was a little nervous, but I have been on my own with the boys for more than 6 months, so not too worried.  Then it occurred to me on the way there that I have never done this appointment with both kids on my own.  Either my mom or Armydad has always been there.  I got really worried then!

But, my kids?  Did AWESOME!  We got there at 9:20 and checked in.  They played with the toys until we got called back.  At 10:20…  We finally left the hospital at 11:40.  Neither child threw a single fit.  Both kids laid quietly and calmly on the twin hospital bed and watched a movie while the Echo was performed.  (As soon as we got in the room, Thing1 pulled off his shirt and climbed on the bed.  Thing2 followed suit and attempted to take his shirt off as he got on the bed.  The tech got an extra pillow and let Thing2 lay with Thing1!)

I don’t like that this is their life.  I don’t like that this is so common that they do it without an issue.  At the same time, I felt so blessed today by how well they did.  I was glowing after the tech complimented me on how well both kids did.  (For those who do not know, an Echo is like an ultra sound of the heart.  Thing1 has to lay still for about 45 minutes while they use a probe and jelly to look, take pictures, and measurements.  Most kids have a lot of trouble with this because they cannot lay still long enough.)

My kids are awesome.  Of course, my opinion went downhill some after our afternoon trip to W*l-M*rt…


One thought on “This Life…

  1. Yes, your kids ARE awesome. they are special precious little guys. reading this brings tears to my eyes and makes me really miss them. We really do need to get together. Our visit is WAY overdue. I think the two together did better than I might expect my one to handle something like that! Some days, God really gives them (and us!) the grace to handle it all….. Although I’m never quite sure what happens when we enter Wally World and it all goes to pot….

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