Conversation with Thing1

I just had to share this conversation I had with Thing1 in the car driving home from our visit with Armydad!

Thing1: Who am I going to marry, Mom?

Me:  I don’t know, Buddy.  We will have to wait until you get big and see.

T1: When I in college?

Me: Maybe.  Mommy got married while she was in college.

T1: After college, you have to get a job.

Me: That’s right.  After college, I got a job.

T1: How did you get that job?

Me: I talked to some people and they asked me if I wanted to work there and I said yes.  I worked at a hospital, then at a bus company.

T1: He was quiet for a minute thinking about my answers then said, “Mom, what’s college?”

Seriously!  He knows that after college you get a job, but does not even know what college is!  He cracks me up!  I told him college is school.  A really hard school!


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