My kids amaze me!  They are so resilient.  They have adjusted to this Army life so well.  This is just their new normal.  They wake up and find Daddy home, get excited, but don’t really find it that shocking.  We spend 4 days with him, take him back, and they are able to just walk away.  They gave him hugs and kisses, told him they loved him, and would see him soon and then walked to the car!  They ask about him.  They tell me they miss him.  But, mostly, they talk about their Daddy who is a Soldier and is at his Army work / school.  (Thing1 tends to call it Army work.  Thing2 calls it Army school.)

This has been a tough adjustment for me.  I have been dating my husband since I was 15.  We have never spent an extended period of time apart and have always had tons of phone contact.  So, this was hard.

For Armydad, the adjustment has been hellish.  He did not realize just how hard it would be for him.  He misses me and the boys more than he imagined possible.  He has always been such a strong person, but this has really rattled him.

But our boys?  They have done awesome!  This is just their life.  They just accept it.  I am so thankful for that!


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