Almost jinxed

Wow, I thought there for a while that I really had jinxed it.  Last week on Wednesday, I headed to my hubby’s graduation!  My mom came and stayed with the kids.  I drove 5 hours there, went to graduation, and waited for him to let me know that he could leave.  Instead he called and told me they were taking his pass away…  I rushed up to the building and watched him fight for it.  They still said no.  We were allowed to leave for a bit, but had to stay on post.  We got some food, then I had to leave and head home.  I drove for 2 1/2 hours and then Armydad called and told me to turn around.  They had ‘found’ his leave packet.  (We later discovered that they did not find it, they made one up at the instruction of the company commander.)  Long story short, we really have no idea what happened.  It appears it was some kind of inner power struggle among the sergeants.  We suspect one of the sergeants went to talk to the company commander on Armydad’s behalf and he authorized it.

So, I turned around and drove 2 1/2 hours back.  I got back around 11pm to pick him up.  We got back in the car and drove another 5 hours.  (Yes, if your math is working, that makes 15 hours in the car for one day!)  We got home around 4:30am and slept until 7:15.  The kids did not know Daddy was coming home, so they were shocked and so excited to see him!

It was great to see him and great for the boys to have that time with him.  It felt like he had never left.  We fell back into a routine immediately.  But, the weekend kind of stunk because he was sick.  I mean really, really sick…  He did not go to the doctor for fear that he would be put on bed rest and not allowed to leave.  He went today.  The doctor said he sounds like he has pneumonia, but nothing shows up on the X-Ray.  (I suspect he had pneumonia but has been sick for more than 3 weeks and it has begun to clear on its own.)  The doctor thinks it is bronchitis and sent Armydad back to his barracks with several meds and antibiotics.

Now we sit and wait.  It could be days.  Could be weeks.  Could be months.  This sucks.  Not knowing an end date is terrible.  There are 2 guys waiting for orders that graduated almost 4 weeks ago.  That makes us suspect he will be there for several weeks, if not longer.  For now, I am trying not to stress over it and hope for the best.

I am so glad I got my husband for 4 days!


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