Moving On?

So, I have been holding out.  Partly because I am afraid if I say it, I will jinx it.  My husband graduates AIT in a few days.  And he is supposed to get a 4 day pass to come home!  You see, he does not have orders yet.  The other people in his class have their orders, plane tickets are purchased, plans are made.  Not us.  Armydad has no idea where he will be going next.  And the best part?  His commanders have told him it could “be a while.”  This just stinks.

I understand that they are doing their best to find a location with the doctors needed by me and the boys.  But, if they would call me and chat for about 15 minutes, we could have an assignment.  I have done hours of research on every single Army post.  I know exactly how far away the nearest pediatric cardiac transplant center is.  I know where it stands in ranking.  I know if there are no options nearby.  It just frustrates me.

I want to know where we are going.  I want to make plans.  I want to live in the same house as my husband…


One thought on “Moving On?

  1. Since I am SO not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of gal, this part of the mil. life would be driving me absolutely insane! I don’t know how you’ve managed to keep it together this long and deal with the situation. I guess, because that’s what your duty is….

    I just keep hoping this all gets resolved very quickly. I think it would be especially hard for him to remain there after everyone else moves on to their new posts… Being in limbo like that! Ugh….

    Keep strong!

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