My Thoughts

I have seen a lot of rejoicing across the internet over the death of Osama bin Laden.  I am so torn about how I feel.  Honestly, I do not feel that I can rejoice over someone being killed.  I am thankful he is no longer a threat.  I guess justice was served, although I feel a lengthy time spent in jail would have been a harder punishment for him.

Mostly though, I am worried.  I am scared about what the coming days will bring for our troops deployed in dangerous areas.  I am worried that as someone new tries to replace Osama, that person will bring a lot of destruction in their effort to prove their ‘worthiness.’

I am feeling two-faced because I am also SO thankful that my husband is not deployed.  I am hoping he does not deploy for several months and any unrest will have settled some by then.  I signed up for this.  I knew he would deploy and be in dangerous situations.  I know thousands of people are praying for the safety of their family members today.  I am too, but I am also rejoicing in the fact that Armydad is not there.  Does that make me a bad Army wife?

I am happy to see the appreciation being shown to our military today all over the internet.  But, I am annoyed that this appreciation is not shown every single day.

Right now, I am a jumble of emotions.  I cannot process all of it yet…


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