Weekend Recap

First, sorry I have not been around much.  I have been busy and traveling a ton.  Plus, I just don’t have much to say.  (That thud you just heard was my husband passing out in a dead faint because I just admitted not having a lot to say!)  We just got home from a weekend with Armydad and are preparing to leave again because Thing1 has an appointment at the children’s hospital.  (Nothing major.  He has blocked tear ducts.  It is a quick surgical procedure to fix, but due to his heart, there is not an anesthesiologist near us who will touch him!)

Anyway, here are a few highlights from our Easter weekend spent as a family!

– On the way there, I drove through one large city.  I was right in the stretch where all the interstates meet and merge when a severe thunderstorm hit.  It was pitch dark and raining so hard I could barely see.  Then it started hailing!  There were not shoulders and every exit was an entrance to a different interstate, so I was stuck.  It was terrifying!  However, later that night, I was so thankful for that because the city got hit by a tornado and got some decent damage.  (Two funny Thing1-ism’s from our drive: When it got dark, he looked around and asked, “Mommy, is it bedtime now?”  This was at about noon!  Then when it started hailing, he looked out the window and then proclaimed, “I think I need to pray.”  He prayed until it quit!)

– I forgot our Easter goodies.  I was so bummed.  I ran to the store and grabbed a few things for the boys so Armydad could be there for Easter.  That worked out okay.  I was more upset about the little something I picked up for Armydad.  (Something for after the kids went to bed, wink, wink!)  When I realized I had forgotten the stuff, I cried hysterically.  In the end, it worked out fine.  I will save the stuff for the boys and give it as rewards or encouragement during the upcoming changes.  And Amrydad will get his surprise when he graduates.

– We took the boys to 2 Easter egg hunts.  I looked online and found one going on at a gym.  It was indoors.  They had games, face painting and a hunt.  The second was outside.  Thankfully the weather cleared for long enough to go!  This was the first time that Armydad has been able to go to an Easter egg hunt with the boys.  In his prior job, he worked most weekends, so I have taken them every year by myself.

– We went bowling again.  Thing1 loves it!

– In an effort to save money and to surprise my husband, I made 2 full meals and took them with me!  When the boys and I got there on Friday, I threw taco meat into a small crock pot and plugged it in.  When we got back from picking up Armydad, it was hot and ready!  The next day, we had meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and homemade macaroni and cheese.  I made it before we left and we reheated it in the microwave.  It was a great money saver and Armydad was so excited to eat home cooked food!

I think that hits the main points.  We are down to about 3 weeks until he finishes training!  We still do not have orders, so no idea what will happen next.  He has requested hometown recruiting, so we are hopeful he will get that and will be coming home in a little over 3 weeks!  We will see.


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