Milspouse Friday Fill-In #38

I love Friday this week!  I am headed out of town to spend the weekend with my husband!  One last post, thanks to Wife of a Sailor on my way out the door!

1. How many pets do you have? And what type? submitted by Life and Times of a Displaced Jersey Girl  One dog, a poodle / bichon frise mix named Mia.

2. What are your favorite projects to do while hubby is away? submitted by my-inspired-nest  Watch NCIS!  I am a total junkie.  I have my DVR set to record it every time it comes on TV.  I have seen every episode at least 20 times.  It drives my hubby insane, but I can watch as often as I want while he is gone!

3. What are the must-haves in your deployment care packages?  submitted by Christine’s Little Blog  I cannot really answer this one yet.  We have not encountered a deployment.  I am hoping to not answer this one for at least 6 months.  (Hey, a girl can dream!)

4. If you could star in any TV show, which would it be? submitted by Just a Girl  Army Wives!  I love it.  It just seems like they are such great friends.  I have never had that close girlfriend thing.  I am hoping I find a couple great girlfriends once we get to our first duty station!

5. What was the biggest hurdle that you faced during your/your significant other’s first deployment? submitted by The Pavlik Perspective  Again, no deployment yet.  During our first separation, we had Thing1’s first transplant evaluation.  It was really hard going through that, meeting with the doctors, making decisions, without Armydad there to listen and advise.


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