Shoulda Been Us…

The end of last week was the mid-point and branching ceremony for the OCS class that Armydad was supposed to be in.  His battle buddy from Basic made it into the class (and is doing very well!)  As his wife commented on Facebook about the goings-ons, I got hit with wave after wave of “This is NOT fair!  It should have been us.  Armydad should have been there.”

We went into this with our eyes wide open.  We spent a couple years talking, praying, and working through the paperwork and interview process.  We knew the separations were going to suck.  We knew it was dangerous.  But, we accepted all of that.  We chose this path.  And we planned to make this a lifestyle.  We had every intention that Armydad would put in at least 20 years and then retire.

I feel like we wanted this more than a lot of the others did.  It’s just not fair!

I still feel like we made the right choice for him to switch to enlisted, but that does not mean I have to be happy about what happened to us…


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