Armydad called me the other day and told me he is getting another pass for the weekend of Easter!  We get to spend Easter with him.  That is one less thing he has to miss!

Armydad started his class this week.  It has been a roller coaster of a week so far!  Lots of boring briefings, a couple tests, some study time.  He took a math test the first day of class.  He was worried about it because math is not one of his stronger suits.  He called me that night and told me it was eighth grade math and he was silly to worry!  Then he had his PT test a few days later.  When he called that night, I asked how it went and he said fine.  Then he decided he should really go check his score to make sure he did indeed pass it.  So, he got off the phone and called me back 5 minutes later swearing.  Somehow his run time had been incorrectly entered.  They had his run at 3 minutes slower than what he actually did.  As a result, they said he failed the PT test.  (As an aside, to go to OCS you have to have a higher PT test score.  With the way things have been going down there, it has to be MUCH higher.  Armydad missed the cut-off by not a lot when he tested.)  So, the thought that he was good enough to be an officer candidate but they failed him made him sooooo mad!  He found a couple people to vouch for him and talked to the sergeant the next morning.  When he called me that night, he said they had changed it so he had passed!  Then he finished out the week with 2 more tests, one practical, one written.  He aced the practical and did fair on the written.

He is excited to be in the class now because that means the end is coming closer.  A few of his class mates have already gotten their duty stations, so we are hoping in the next week or 2 to find out where we will be moving to!

For now, we are both counting down the days until we see each other again!  Only 6 more sleeps!  (That is how Thing1 counts down…)


One thought on “Pass!

  1. YAY YAY YAY! Sounds like things are going well for a change. I should be able to call you today to catch up, but I’m SO glad to read this and find out how things are going. I’m so thankful you’ll get to see him again so soon! Even though it’s a long drive…

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