Today I will stay busy.  I will attempt to bury my head in the sand.  I will try not to think about what is happening.  Because if I think, I will fall apart.

Today a Mama friend that I met in an online adoption community is saying good-bye to her son.  He was born 3 years ago with a serious heart condition.  He has had multiple surgeries, procedures, and hospitalizations in his short life.  Hospice has been caring for him recently.

Today they are letting him go.  He will be whole and healed.  He will be able to run and play.  He will be with God.

Today his Mama will endure the worst event of her life.  She will struggle to find meaning and the ability to go on with her life.

Today this is hitting me hard.  This sweet little boy has the same name as Thing1.  Both have heart issues.  (Different issues)  It is just too close to home.  It is too much for me to think about.  Too much to comprehend.  Too overwhelming to process.  So, today I will try and hide from it.

Please say a prayer for this Mama that she is able to accept God’s plan and find the strength to handle this.


2 thoughts on “Today

  1. heartbreaking. My thoughts are with her and — I have nothing good to say. It’s too much for anyone to have to contemplate, much less have to live through.

  2. What can anyone say? This is the most horrible thing a parent can try to endure.. Thoughts and prayers are with them all.

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