We had a visit with Armydad this weekend!  I keep thinking it will get easier to leave him.  It seems to get harder every time…  So, I am writing a post about all the things I am thankful for from my weekend with him.  Trying to dwell on the positive and ignore the negative!

– We got 30 straight hours with him!

– I got to sleep in the same bed as him.  (I held his hand for most of the night while sleeping!)

– My kids are awesome travelers!  We took my mom’s car so we did not have our TV’s.  They did so great!  It is 5 hours each way and there was only one short fit thrown throughout both trips.  (That one happened because Thing1 wanted to talk on my phone and I said no!)

– Thing1 did not puke on the way home!

– Thing1 did puke on Saturday with Armydad.  I am notoriously known for not being able to handle puke.  As in, one time when Thing1 puked, I threw a towel over it, and called Armydad at work.  He came home, cleaned it up and took care of a pukey Thing1.  One of my biggest fears about this separation was how I was going to handle the first puking sickness.  This was the first one!  It was short lived and Armydad took care of the whole thing!  Thing1 has great timing!  (And, yes, I realize most people would say getting sick while out of town, in a hotel, during our only 1 1/2 days of the past couple months is terrible timing.  Not me!  Armydad did not mind either because he knows how well I handle it, so he was glad to be needed and to be able to care for a sick Thing1!)

– Armydad’s class starts today!  It is only 5 1/2 weeks, so I am hopeful we will be moving in about 6 weeks!

– Armydad is still himself!  The past few months have been very hard on him.  He was pretty stressed the last time we saw him, when he graduated Basic.  I was worried this whole experience had changed him.  It has not!   He treated me like a princess, as usual!  He played with the kids non-stop.  He is still my Armydad.

I cannot wait to see him again.  We are hoping he will get another weekend pass in a couple weeks.


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